NAC/AeroClub: Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight – CBVL
Local Organizer: Ibituruna Association of Free Flight – AVLI
Abel Couto Brasil (General Organizer)
Dió Filho (Meet Director)

The city

Governador Valadares is located in the east of the state of Minas Gerais, in the valley of a river, the Rio Doce. It has a population of almost 300,000 inhabitants. Valadares is at the centre of a network of good quality federal and state highways, connecting it to many different regions of the country and making it easily accessible to foreign visitors.

Pico da Ibituruna - Governador Valadares

Access to the city

By Bus
Travelling by bus, using the public bus services, is easy and probably the most cost-effective. The long-distance buses are very comfortable, with air-conditioning and reclining seats.

From Belo Horizonte: 6 hours of travel/trip
Viação Gontijo, phone +55 33 32718660

From Vitória: 6 hours of travel/trip
Viação Aguia Branca, phone +55 33 32715843

From Rio de Janeiro: 11 hours of travel/trip
Auto Viação 1001, phone +55 33 32251808
Viação Rio Doce, phone +55 33 32714704

From São Paulo: 14 hours of travel/trip
Itapemirim, phone +55 33 32716247

By Car – Renting a car and driving yourself is another possibility.
From Belo Horizonte, via BR381 Highway – 347 km from the Confins International Airport,
From Vitória, via BR259 Highway – 345 km from the Vitória Airport;
From Rio de Janeiro, via BR116 Highway – 588 km from the Galeão International Airport;
From Salvador, via BR116 Highway – 1035 km from the Salvador International Airport.

By Plane:
Fying to Valadares is possible but luggage is limited to 20kg.
For more details about luggage restrictions and excess charges check the airline websites:

By Train:
The train service runs from both Belo Horizonte and Vitória. There is no train service from Rio or São Paulo. The trains are slow and there is only one train a day but they are relatively cheap and hassle free. The executive class is far better, with air-conditioning and more comfortable seats, and the price difference is small.

From Belo Horizonte the departure of the train is at 7:30a.m., and it is a 7hours trip.
From Vitoria the departure of the train is at 7:00a.m, and it is also a 7 hours trip.

Governador Valadares Train Station
Phone +55 33 3274-4471

Acommodation / Hosting

Governador Valadares has a large hotel chain that meet the expectation of all tastes and pockets, all being well located within our city:

Best Hotel (The event HQ hotel)

– Real Minas Hotel
+55 33 3271-6751

Good Hotels

– Hotel e Churrascaria Spettu’s
+ 55 33 3225-2308

– Benvenuto Hotel
+55 33 3278-7001

– Hotel San Diego
+55 33 3508-1300

– Ibituruna Center Hotel
+55 33 3202-9999

– Pousada Jeito de Minas
+55 33 3276-7797

Cheap Hotels

– Panorama Center Hotel +55 33 3271-7840
– Hotel Evereste +55 33 3202-8050
– Hotel São Salvador +55 33 3279-4200
– Hotel Serra Lima +55 33 3272-2003

Head quarters (HQ)

The Head Quarters will be set in REALMINAS HOTEL, near to many major hotels, restaurants and the official landing area, Feira da Paz.

Address: Praça Serra Lima, 607, Gov. Valadares – MG, CEP: 35010-250 Telephone: +55 (33) 3271-6751 Site:


Owned by the local government of Governador Valadares, the launch area is extremely broad and grassy, enabling the simultaneous take-off of more than ten paragliders. During the PWC Super Final in January 2014, with 125 gliders present, it took on average 25 minutes for them all to take off.

Name: Ibituruna Peak – Governador Valadares – MG
Altitude: 1123 meters
Height above landing field: 860 meters
Waypoint D001 – 18.88617ºS 41.91574ºW
Suitable wind directions: S|SE|NE|N|
Access: Distance of 16 km(30 min) from the centre of Governador Valadares, using the BR116 highway. It is apaved road in good condition and suitable for any vehicle.
Number of ramps: Two (02) big areas S | N
Surface of Take-off: Grass
Capacity: More than 10 simultaneous take-offs.
Principal landing areas around the mountain (Ibituruna).
G01 – 18.85268ºS 41.92134ºW Carrapato 154m
G02 – 18.92827ºS 41.91205ºW Geraldo Farias 173m
G03 – 18.85857ºS 41.94155ºW Feira da Paz 163m (official landing field of the local club).
Car park: Capacity for 60 vehicles.
Helicopter landing space: Located 300m from the take-off – next to the parking area.
Toilet facilities: 02 sets of toilets (male and female – fixed) + chemical ones during the competition.
Water supply for ballast: Available next to the toilets.
Food and refreshments: Kiosk with a lot of different kinds of snacks and drinks.
Covered areas: Large fixed covered area + mobile tents during the competition.
Store: Kiosk for sale offlight equipments and souvenirs;
Windsock: 2 big units (fixed) + 6 smaller units (during the competition).
Internet connection: Free Wi-Fi.
Telephone: Cellphone companies working (Vivo/Claro/TIM/Oi).
Accidents: No fatal or serious accidents on the takeoff during competitions.
Permission: to use Mayor´s Office of Governador Valadares.
Pico da Ibituruna - Governador Valadares

Flight area

Ibituruna stands at 1,123m ASL and approximately 860m above the surrounding landscape. The terrain is relatively flat, with small undulating hills(+/- 200mhigh) and a good network of paved roads. The windis predominantly light, usually no more than 10 – 15 km/h. This facilitates the setting of a variety of tasks in almost any direction, withan average total distance of 75km per task.

Throughout this region are many large areas suitable for landing (see map of the competition) with unrestricted access. This enables safe flying with easy access for Rescu eand Emergency Services if necessary. Thermals are usually large and smooth, rarely exceeding more than 3 or 4 m/s in strength. Being relatively flat, this flying area suffers little in terms of areas of rotar, with the exception of the west face of Ibituruna Peak. Depending on the meteorological conditions of the day tasks are set to intentionally avoid the return flight passing close by the vicinity of Ibituruna.

Maps and coordinates

The coordinates are the same as those usedin recent competitions, in quantity and disposition through houtthe region. These enable the completion of a variety of safe tasks.
Download the map with high quality:

Airspace and other restrictions

The flight area of the Ibituruna´s Peak is inserted into a large permanent airspace SRB350 and during competitions a NOTAM is requested expanding this area, allowing safe flight.


There is a restriction to flights over the centre of the city of Governador Valadares, in the area to the northwest of the officiall landing field, Feira da Paz, coordinates G02°S18.8585780/41.9415590°W (aircrafts’ approach area).The restriction includes a 3 km radius, measured from the centre of the run way of Governador Valadares Airport, coordinated R01S8.8969680°/41.9837170°W.



Tuesday jan 17, 2017
Registration and training flights
Tuesday jan 17, 2017
Opening ceremony

Wednesday 18th ‐ Saturday 28 jan
Competition flying days

Saturday 28 jan
Prize‐giving and closing ceremony


08:00 – Headquarter opens
09:00 – Transport to take-off
10:30 – Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
11:00 – Pilots’ briefing / Previous task official results / Task definition
11:30 – Take-off window opens
16:30 – Scoring office opens
20:00 – Provisional results


Phone: +55 33 99909-9904
Phone: +55 33 98822-2004

General questions
Phone: +55 33 98850-0550
Phone: +55 33 99977-4443

Meet Director
+55 85 99622-8846

Safety Director
+ 55 33 99974.0544

SMS Retrieve: +55 33 99952.0602

Emergency (Fire Department) Call 193
Police department Call 190